Ciao Belli!
Passion for authentic Italian food, wine beer, spirits, gelato and coffee has always been the driving force behind Lino's, which has become a symbol of high-quality products in Italy and around the world. However, the core of the company is founded on the people who contribute to the diffusion of coffee culture every day with great enthusiasm and professionalism. A short break for a coffee, a sip...and that's all -- happiness in a glass. Very often the simple act of drinking a coffee is not given the right importance. Drinking a coffee is supposed to be a moment of pleasure, a luxury that anyone can afford every day. It is a luxury that everyone can afford at Lino's.  

Best of all, we're so much more than coffee!  We offer an authentic array of Italian sandwiches, pizza, pasta, gelato, and apertivo, as well as beer, wine and spirits. We also cater special events here on site, in the Dallara building and on the road!

 Over the years, thanks to the contribution of many people, Lino's Coffee has created the widest possible range of coffee production, thus emphasizing the differences between the various types of coffee and their wide array of fragrances. We guide our customers through an initially unfamiliar world as they discover the blends that most suit their tastes -- blends that are suitable for any occasion.

Lino's Coffee intends to give a gift to its affiliates by revealing the secrets and conveying the knowledge that we have gained about the coffee world thus far. We, as a company, would like to communicate our passion as well. Our passion and spirit differentiate Lino's Coffee from any ordinary coffee bar. Our passion transforms Lino's into a true coffee atelier.
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Pint Night Wednesdays
$3.50 per pint

Lino's Speedway, Indiana


Get your Italian on!
1201 Main Street
Open 7a-9p Mon-Sat

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